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July 27th 2014, 11:01


Klone Rocket Smoke ( Official Video Clip )

Photography & Editing - Ami Bornstein Filmed on the " All Is One " Tour with Orphaned Land ( 46 shows in Europe ) Facebook Klone : https://...

July 14th 2014, 12:13

After a hard week of work for our next album, drums are done!
Thanks to Fabien Guilloteau (Nomad Studio) and my special advisor Aldrick Guadagnino.
Get ready to groove!

July 7th 2014, 18:08

Today Florent Marcadet is begining to record the new album " Here Comes The Sun " !
Here is another interview in French !

Klone – Premiers éclairages sur Here Comes The Sun – Alternative Magazine
Klone – Premiers éclairages sur Here Comes The SunSextet majeur de la scène metal française, Klone a construit son nom autour de sa diversité, de sa richesse instrumentale, de sa perpétuelle évolution et de son incessante remise en cause. Klone, c’est ce monstre de talent à six têtes que personne n’…

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